Wednesday, November 25, 2009

4 happenings

So, today was November 24, 2009. A few memorable things occurred today.

One: Tristan got a cat. Congratulations. Excited to see the new member of your family. Maybe she'll help keep the bats out of your apartment. :)

Two: Mark Brower had a birthday. Happy Birthday Mark! Hope you had a good one. Wish I could celebrate tomorrow with everyone, but I have to work. Maybe next time.

Three: There was no snow in Michigan on this late day in November. The first time in a long time that I think it's been this warm and snow-free.

Four: I was able to get out and do some SUP'ing on Lake Macatawa, and (almost) made it to Lake Michigan.

Jim and I started out at about 10am and paddled west. We headed for the Holland channel and figured we'd see if the wind was favorable. Near the channel the wind seemed to pick up from our backs. We thought aloud, "We're gonna have to face this when we head back in." Oh well, we headed out anyway to see what the big lake was like.
I just made it to the end of the pier heads, not quite into Lake Michigan and decided to turn back, fearing a frigid fall with the rolling chop. Jim bravely headed out, with the goal of paddling in Lake Michigan on November 24th, a goal which he accomplished this morning. Good work Jim.

I'm not saying that this is the last day of the season for paddling, but, it may have been my last time out without a wetsuit. The brief plunge on Sunday was chilly enough to make me second guess my decision to leave the wetsuit at home today. Glad the logs decided to stay deep enough to avoid my fin today.

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